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Every day we’re on our way to visit new homes but also to assess their suitability for our tenants and all for free!


Through our years of experience and market knowledge we can do as rental agent a lot for you and relieve you of much worry and work. A number of benefits for you at a glance:

§ Homes offered before they are published anywhere.
§ The conditions under which a property can be rented, are checked in advance to avoid disappointment later.
§ The efficient planning of visits in which we take into account your calendar.
§ Professional representation in negotiations against the landlord or real estate agent.
§ A lease of very high quality and very precise control of the submitted lease a landlord / broker.
§ The availability of expertise and the guarantee of a highly experienced rental agent to avoid disappointment.

And for all our tenants:
• Free registration
• Free advice
• Free counseling
• Free application connection NUTS companies