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We started in 2011 as a real estate agent for homes for expats. Our goal is to offer expats, wherever in the world, a home.


Moreover, we can imagine that the expat’s employer wants to save his own precious time by working together with one professional party. One who has the in-house expertise to outsource all the items and services to be rented to the expat, quickly and smoothly.


With the Expat Service from HousingNOW, the expat feels immediately welcome. That immediately reflects on the performance of the expat. With the Expat Service employer and expat can go for all possible services:
§ Guidance of hiring to expats in the Netherlands, of whatever nationality.
§ Every client and expat have one contact person.

We would like to offer more value to our expats by also providing them with the following services:
§ Search for the perfect home in accordance with the wishes of the expat and his family.
§ Eliminating all worries and research, such as registering with NUTS companies, as well as arranging cable / internet / TV and taking out WA and home insurance policies.
§ Personal guidance from the expat and his family, for example by registering with a general practitioner, hospital, dentist and pharmacy.
§ A smooth transition from home to the Netherlands by offering Dutch lessons, among other things.
§ A successful start in the Netherlands for both the expat and his family by offering continuous advice regardless of the subject.

Our Expat Service consists of a seamless cooperation between several reputable companies when it comes to counseling expats. Thanks to a professional and transparent cooperation with our clients and personal guidance to our expats, we can now call ourselves the specialist in Almere and the surrounding area. By bundling the expertise for both the employer and the expat, HousingNOW has all possible services under one roof.

We have a fix price €450,00 excl. 21% taks to help every expat with the expat service