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Buying a house is an exciting affair. Compile your wish list, search on Funda, online and personally with the sellers. View lots of photos. Appointment with the mortgage advisor. Make an appointment with the broker for a viewing.

And then found the house of your dreams. You want to buy it, you’re going to make an offer …

But then the doubt strikes. Is the asking price real, what is a reasonable offer, what kind of resolute conditions we take up, we have to have the house inspected, the broker of the seller talks about easements, what about the completion. There are many questions and uncertainties, for example.

Not for us, however.

Buying a house you might do two or three times in your life. Maybe you are going to buy a home for the first time. You will not really experience it, while very large amounts are involved in the purchase of your house.

We do nothing but mediate in buying and selling houses. For years! Make use of our knowledge and experience. Bring your own purchase broker.

For €1450.00 incl. 21% taks we go with you to visit your dream home, point out the plus and minus points, determine the value of the property, go before you negotiate with the broker of the seller, ensure a correct deed with the correct resolute conditions, etcetera. Complete guidance from A to Z in your interest.

No cure No pay.